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Benefits of Quality Chiropractic Care

Improved Nervous System Function

Improved Focus and Concentration

Stronger Immune Function

Decreased Need for Medications

Digestive Improvement

Better Sleep Patterns

Better Posture

Increased Mobility

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Who Should Get Adjusted?

Chiropractic care is safe for everyone at any stage of life. With the gentle approach that Dr. Candice uses, she is able to adjust newborns, teenagers, adults and senior citizens.  


"Candice is hands down the best chiropractor I've seen. Her client "bedside" manner is phenomenal and so educated. You can tell she genuinely loves her profession and her patients."

- Emily

We did a full work-up with scans showing how his nervous system was functioning and how efficient his muscles were in maintaining correct posture.  After his first adjustment Mark noticed that his low back pain had lessened, but the biggest change for him was that he felt as if he could think clearer and a fog was lifted. After a series of care, we were able to reduce his pain and enhance his mental clarity. In Markʻs last session he stated, ʻI have seen multiple chiropractors over the years and I have never felt this great!

- Mark

Kim presented with right shoulder pain that had been going on for at least two months.  She was on a regimen of ibuprofen and heating pads to help with the pain.  Kim has never been to the chiropractor, but a co-worker of hers suggested she try it.  After a series of care, Kimʻs shoulder pain was completely gone!

- Kim